10 Best Baseball Movies

July’s winding to a close, but there’s one way to make it feel like summer any time: baseball. When autumn winds start to blow in the not-so-distant future, keep the spirit of summer alive with America’s favorite pastime. Just pop one of these into the DVD player and you’ll instantly be transported to a beautiful sunny summer day.

10. Fever Pitch

A fairly simple romantic comedy, this movie resonates with any true diehard fan, but especially those who love the Red Sox. The love story follows a budding romance and watches it be tested by a complete obsession with baseball.

9. A League of Their Own

Based on the true story of the first professional women’s baseball team during the WWII, this film is a feel-good classic. It also brought one of the most famous lines into existence- “there’s no crying in baseball!”

8. Eight Men Out

This classic is about the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal, when the 1919 Chicago White Sox team is approached by gamblers to throw the world series.

7. Moneyball

Brad Pitt stars in this insiders look at the world of baseball. He plays the Oakland A’s general manager who used revolutionary technology to analyze players and get together a team on a very tight budget.

6. The Pride of the Yankees

This film tells the story of baseball legend Lou Gehrig, the record-setting Yankees first baseman.

5. The Sandlot

This charming coming-of-age story helps us all to remember what it felt like to be a kid playing ball in the neighborhood. The movie follows a shy boy who joins the neighborhood baseball team and has many entertaining adventures.

4. Bull Durham

Part love story, part comedy, part heartwarming tribute to baseball, this classic is about a major league catcher who is sent down to the minor leagues to groom a hot new pitcher.

3. The Rookie

This inspirational tale of a baseball player-turned-chemistry teacher who gets back into the game is a great movie for families to enjoy together.

2. The Bad News Bears

One of the funniest baseball comedies, this story of a misfit little league team is a classic.

1. Field of Dreams

The grand slam of baseball movies, Field of Dreams will bring you to tears with its story of an Iowa corn farmer who hears voices telling him to build a baseball diamond in his fields.

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