5 Unique 5k Races

A few of my running buddies and I are going to run a Color Run 5k this summer, where runners wear white outfits and are bombarded by color dust throughout the run, so that by the end each participant is a sweaty rainbow. It sounds like a ton of fun and it has me thinking- what other crazy runs are out there? So I did a bit of research and here are 5 of the craziest, most fun races in existence today.

1. The Runyon

This unique 5k takes places entirely within Yankee Stadium in New York. Runners travel through concourses, ramps, and a whole lot of stairs before they do a victory lap on the field’s warning track. Start times are staggered, but this still ends up being a pretty tight fit for the 4,000 participants. Even so, this race is a very cool experience for baseball fans. Proceeds go to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

2. The Krispy Kreme Challenge

In this interesting twist on a classic 5k, participants run 1.5 miles to a stand where they wolf down a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, then run back to the start line. The challenge also must be completed in an hour. I love donuts as much as anyone else, but the idea of a race that has designated “puke tents” does not appeal to me in the slightest. Proceeds go to a North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

3. Night of the Running Dead

This race and others like it, typically held around Halloween, mix things up with a zombie theme. Participants decide before the race if they are going to run as a zombie or a human, and many dress up to play the part. Then, humans are given a few minute head start before the zombies are set loose to catch them.

4. The Warrior Dash and The Tough Mudder

The Warrior Dash is a run that incorporates obstacles like a fire pit, walls, and mud. The Tough Mudder takes the challenge to the next level by not only increasing the distance but also by stepping up the obstacles, adding extreme conditions like live electrical wires and high-pressure hoses that spray runners as they run uphill. About 20% of participants don’t make it to the end of these races.

5. The Impossible 5k

This race doesn’t appear to differ that much from any other 5k, but it’s timing makes it one of the most unique. The Impossible is an extremely late night race, starting at 1:50 am, and takes place exactly when Daylight Savings Time kicks in. This makes it possible for participants to finish at an earlier time than they started, making this the only run with the possibility of earning a negative time.

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