6 Hiking Trails in Breckenridge, Colorado

Hiking in Breckenridge, Colorado

When the snow melts in Breckenridge, Colorado, it’s the season for hiking. In a few months, more and more people will be taking to the trails to hike, jog, or go on a casual walk through the nature trails of Breckenridge. The resort city is known for its skiing and snowboarding, but its trails are hidden gems. The trails are gorgeous, the altitude is not too bad, and the hikes are fulfilling.

Before you hit the trails in Breckenridge, there are few things to note:

  1. Start early. The trails become more and more popular as the day progresses, and thunderstorms sometimes roll in in the afternoons.
  2. Bring food and water. An obvious tip for hikers, but necessary to note. Stay hydrated.
  3. Layer up! Wear warm clothing. The mornings and evenings are cold, and some trails are shaded.

Here are some of the best hiking trails in Breckenridge:

Spruce Creek Loop | Level: Easy
This is a popular interest to most hikers headed to the Breckenridge area. The easy terrain is great for large groups with a variety of hiking abilities. It’s a cross-country ski trail in the winter, but a beautiful hiking trail in the spring, summer, and fall, each season providing something a little different. The trail is about 4 miles through shaded forest and offers a gorgeous views of the mountains.

Carter Park | Level: Easy
If you’re not much of a hiker, but still want to see the views, Carter Park trail is one of the best trails in Breckenridge to see amazing views. It doesn’t allow too much work when it comes to the hiking aspect, but you’ll be amazed at the photo opportunities it provides.

McCullough Gulch | Level: Intermediate
This 2.6-mile trail weaves through a beautiful, green forest, waterfalls, meadows, and patches of wildflowers. It’s a moderate hike, so mostly anyone can handle the level of difficulty.

Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch | Level: Intermediate
The views at Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch are amazing from start to finish. The trailhead begins above tree line, at 11,748 feet. It’s a quick trail of 2.5 miles which takes hikers on a historic pathway through Colorado. Hikers will come across an old mining area surrounded by alpine lakes.

Quandary Peak | Level: Difficult
At Quandary Peak, hikers will see one of Colorado’s tallest peaks (more than 14,000 feet). The hike is beautiful, but much more rigid than other trails in Breckenridge. The trail is roughly 6 miles and it climbes to 3,305 feet. Those wishing to accomplish this trail will need to the entire day, so starting early is recommended. The trail takes about three to nine hours to complete, all dependent on each hikers’ abilities.

Wheeler National Recreation Trail | Level: Difficult
This is one of the most difficult trails in the area. It is long and it climb to 12,500 feet. Though the Wheeler National Recreation Trail is long, it’s worth the trek for the spectacular views.

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