The Best Beach Sports Ranked

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What does one do when they go to the beach? Most people relax with a book and try to get a decent tan. Then there are those who go to the beach to be active. The beach is a great place to play some beach sports, as there are endless options. Kids might make up their own games while adults play a competitive match of beach volleyball.

Here are the most popylar beach sports ranked, with #1 being the best and most popular.

#1 Beach Volleyball

If you didn’t think beach volleyball wasn’t #1, then you’ve never played it. It’s a competitive sport–easily one of the most competitive beach sports. The game is even an Olympic sport and has been since the 1996 Games.

Beach volleyball is a bit different than indoor volleyball. Though it’s fundamentally similar, there are some slight differences. Obviously, the playign surface. It’s sand, rather than a hard court. Bare feet are allowed for the players and the court is a bit different. It’s 16 by 8 meters compared to 18 by 9 meters in the indoor game.

The nice thing about beach volleyball: it doesn’t hurt (as badly) when you dive for the ball. We won’t say it doesn’t completely hurt. The sand might be soft, but the rate at which you dive for the ball determines how hard you hit the ground.

#2 Frisbee (Beach Ultimate)

Why go to the beach if you aren’t going to play a round of Frisbee–or, what some might call it–Disc golf. Disc golf and throwing a Frisbee around are two separate games. In fact, it’s unlikel you’ll see Disc golf played at the beach because that sport is typically played in the woods.

Regardless, throwing around a Frisbee on the beach has been a beach game for centuries. The actual sport is best known as Beach Ultimate, or Ultimate Frisbee as some might call it. By the end of 2009, Beach Ultimate was played in leagues in 25 countries around the world. In 2010, the World Flying Disc Federation approved Beach Ultimate as its own disc sport.

#3 Beach Rugby

Based off of rugby footall, beach rugby is a common beach sport, especially in Europe. There is no official regulatons for a sport such as beach rugby, like Beach Ultimate and Beach Volleyball, but it’s still an exciting past time sport nonetheless. It has similar rules to football, with slight differences. Football, too, is a very common beach sport similar to rugby.

The U.S. has held tournaments for beach rugby, such as in Texas or Florida, but there’s no rule saying you can’t hold your own tournament on any beach throughout the U.S.

#4 Wiffle Ball

Not quite like baseball, wiffle ball is an exciting beach sport, especially for kids. It’s simple and because the ball is not a basement, and instead a lightweight ball, it makes for a great sport for the younger ones. It can be played anywhere, however, beach wiffle ball is easily the most fun. Having the sand to slide into the bases makes it much more fun than other terrain.

#5 Kadima (Paddleball)

A lesser known beach sport, but still fun nonetheless, is really a simple game of paddleball. A lot of beach goers will play this sport, especially in Israel. It has plenty of names, but the gameplay is about the same across the board. It’s a non-competitive beach game where two more players hit a small rubber “Squash” ball with a wood racket or paddle as many times without dropping it. As you might imagine, diving for the ball is a common game move, which is why the beach sand comes in handy.

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