The Best Biking Trails In Juneau, AK

Juneau is a beautiful city with scenic views of water, forests, mountains, and glaciers. It is unique in that the city is not accessible by land due to water on one side and rugged terrain surrounding the rest of the city.
Biking is extremely popular in Juneau. The city is biker friendly, and many biking trails are located in and around the city. Three trails provide riders with a way to see much of what Juneau has to offer and are bikeable from nearby Juneau accommodations.

Perseverance Trail
The Perseverance Trail is one the city’s more popular biking destinations. This three-mile trail is considered moderate in difficulty as it climbs from an elevation of 500 to 1,500 feet over a relatively short distance.
The trail begins in the downtown area moving up along the area near the Gold Creek Valley Canyon. It was originally used by gold miners, and short spurs off of the main trail provide riders with the chance to view historic mining ruins. The top of the trail provides a fantastic view of Juneau and the surrounding area.

Mendenhall Loop Road
A nice trail that provides great views of Juneau’s scenic beauty is located along the Mendenhall Loop Road. The trail begins near the old chapel next to Auke Lake. Riders along the loop will see the gorgeous lake, but they will also experience views of the Mendenhall Glacier which is one of the outstanding scenic features near Juneau. A short ride from the trail is the glacier’s visitor center where nature lovers can learn more about this natural feature.

Power Line Trail
The Power Line Trail is a short route for those who love mountain biking and would like to experience some of the sights and sounds of the Tongass National Forest. The trail is approximately one-mile in length, and it is conveniently located just off of Gladstone Street.

These are just a few of the many trails that Juneau has to offer to bikers of all experience levels. For those who want to discover more of the exciting trails in and around Juneau, a detailed map is available.

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