Biking is the Best Way to See Yosemite National Park

thumb177With over 12 miles of flat, paved biking trails, Yosemite National Park ranks highly among excellent places for biking. Family-friendly trails give everyone a healthy way to enjoy all that Yosemite National Park in California has to offer. You’ll find Several designated bike paths, and most people can make the 12-mile looping trip in about two hours.

Two Main Paths Ensure Beautiful Sights and Adventure

There are two main bike paths through Yosemite Valley past astounding mountain domes that reach 3,000 feet into the air with cascading waterfalls. The first path is on the east side of Yosemite Valley, beginning from Curry Village Recreation Center to beautiful, shimmering Mirror Lake. You’ll find a place at Mirror Lake to park your bikes, and from there you can hike around the lake. Picnic near a stream and enjoy this photography wonderland. Enjoy a swimming area, picnic tables and stables full of horses.

The other major path is a five-mile trail beginning at the bike stand at Yosemite Lodge on the west side of the valley. Here, a winding trail takes you past impressive panoramic views of the meadow and over a bridge, and onto Curry Village. The village is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch, complete with an ice cream cone for dessert. People watch and enjoy Yosemite’s magnificent beauty before heading back to Yosemite Village.

Animal Encounters Make the Trip Memorable

Yosemite is home to many endemic amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish that you might encounter along your way when you choose to see Yosemite by bicycle. Watch up in the sky for brightly colored Western Tanagers, woodpeckers, and grouse. When you reach Mirror Lake, be on the lookout for trout and bass. Snakes and lizards are numerous in the valley as well.

Watch for the famous Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep, along with squirrels, gophers, chipmunks and fascinating yellow-bellied marmots sunning themselves while relaxing on rock formations. Seventeen different varieties of bats make their presence known at nightfall. Watch for black bears, and especially for any that might have become accustomed to finding food wherever people gather. Be especially watchful for bear cubs. Whenever they are sighted, the mother bear won’t be far behind.

After a long day of biking through Yosmite National Park, book a hotel room, kick back, and relax. Hotel Charlotte in Groveland, California is an independent hotel that is near Yosemite.

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