Bowling for Dollars is Back

Bowling For Dollars

The popular television game show, Bowling for Dollars is making a comeback. Bowling for Dollars was a franchise which made it a unique game show when it first aired in the 1960s. Being a franchise, Bowling for Dollars was not broadcasted nationally after being filmed in New York or Hollywood. Instead, local TV stations produced and televised episodes that included contestants from the area. The show was broadcasted in many large cities including Boston, Dallas, London, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. before reaching its peak in the 1970s. Various stations still broadcasted Bowling for Dollars well after it reached its high point until February 2008 when a local station in Buffalo aired an abbreviated version of the show. Recently, a local station in Detroit decided to revive the show which is expected to air in September of 2013.

On the show, contestants won cash based on their bowling performance. The game varied slightly from location to location, but overall was pretty similar. A contestant was awarded a dollar for every pin they knocked down with some locations having a $5 minimum if less than five pins fell and a strike or spare was worth $20. Contestants were often most intrigued by the shows jackpot which had a starting value of $200, $300 or $500 based on the show location. To win the jackpot, a contestant had to bowl two consecutive Strikes. If they were unsuccessful, the jackpot would then be increased by $20.

The show was very appealing to home viewers due to the Pin Pal card contestants drew before they began bowling. The card had the name of a home viewer, which was read aloud by the show’s host. The Pin Pal would then win the same prize that the contestant won, unless the contestant hit the jackpot which was usually split between the contestant and Pin Pal.

The original edition of Bowling for Dollars in Detroit also awarded prizes to contestants in addition to cash. The prize varied based on how well the contestant bowled and became more valuable the better they did. The starting prize which was given to a contestant that got a spare was a dinner for two at a local restaurant. In Detroit, a contestant who bowled two strikes for the jackpot would also bowl an additional time and receive a prize if they got another strike. Very little information has been released regarding the relaunch of the show in Detroit so prizes may or may not be awarded in addition to cash. The only way to find out is to tune in when the show airs!

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