Bowling Safety Tips

Bowling Safety Tips
Bowling is not exactly the type of sport that will require paramedics on the sideline. Unlike more dangerous contact sports like football and basketball, bowling is presumed to be one of the safest (if not the safest) sport there is. But take a look at that heavy bowling ball and the slippery floor—they are accidents waiting to happen. There’s also proper etiquette that every bowler, young or old, professional or amateur, should follow as a form of respect to other bowlers and spectators.

Knowing how to take safety precautions at a bowling alley will help you avoid any injuries and will keep the fun in bowling.

Use both hands when picking up a ball.

Avoid using the finger holes to pick up a ball. Instead, use both of your hands to lift it up before inserting your fingers into the holes. You’re placing extra strain on your wrist and fingers if you grab the bowling ball with just your fingers. Don’t risk a hand injury so you can keep playing!

Wear bowling shoes.

Bowling shoes are made for the slippery bowling floor, because their sole has a nonslip surface that keeps you from slipping and falling. Besides, bowling shoes do not scratch the varnish on the bowling floor.  If you’re not picky and you don’t have your own, you can simply rent the ones from your bowling alley.

Stay within the bowling lane.

Do not step outside the bowling lane, marked by a horizontal line known as the foul line, before which you should stop and release your ball. In order to let the ball roll more easily, bowling alleys oil the other side of the horizontal line. It’s good for the ball but not for you because it’s slippery and there’s a greater risk of slipping and falling. If your ball stops at the middle of the lane, don’t go after it. Call the bowling alley staff to help you remove the ball from the lane.

Wait for ball returns.

The ball returns is mechanized and consists of many moving parts to bring your ball back to you. Don’t be too excited to reach for the ball while it’s still coming out and rolling to the rack. The ball return can catch both adult- and child-sized arms and can injure you. Don’t rest your hand on the ball return rack as it might also harm you.

Watch the children.

Parents or adults should watch the children and make sure that they are not too near the other bowlers as they might get hit by somebody’s swinging arms. Let one child bowl at a time. He might drop the ball by accident or the ball might roll backwards.


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