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The Best Rafting Trips in Leavenworth, WA


Whitewater rafting is a sport that should be on every adventure seeker’s bucket list. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains between Tacoma and Seattle, Leavenworth is Washington’s hidden gem. Leavenworth is known for its scenic landscape and Bavarian feel. The calm Icicle River and wild Wenatchee River call Leavenworth home. If you’re looking for a thrilling or calm day on the water, here are the best places that offer rafting trips in Leavenworth.

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The Best Fishing Tours and Lessons in Hawley, PA

imageFishermen of all levels will find much to enjoy in Pennsylvania, named one of the best states to fly fish by Forbes. This is especially true of Hawley, Pennsylvania, home of Lake Wallenpaupack, a man-made, five-acre lake created in 1927 by the Pennsylvania Power & Light Company, and the Lackawaxen River. Less than three hours’ drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, the lake and river are stocked with plenty of walleye, striped and smallmouth bass and other fish. Continue reading “The Best Fishing Tours and Lessons in Hawley, PA” »

The Best Golf Courses in Santa Fe for the Avid Golfer

farms15Why do people love golf so much? If you have never played, this is a tricky question. However, avid golfers know exactly why the sport is so cherished by millions of people from all walks of life. There is really only one thing that could steal some of the joy from a day spent playing golf, a substandard course. If you are a resident of Santa Fe, you are in luck. Below, we are going to list the top-five golf courses that are worthy of a golfers time. Continue reading “The Best Golf Courses in Santa Fe for the Avid Golfer” »

Why Your Dune Vacation is Actually A Workout

Vacationing near sand dunes is fun. There are many different dunes to experience in America from Michigan to Alabama and anywhere in between. If you enjoy being active on your vacations than a dune vacation is just the thing for you. There are so many different activities that you can do on sand dunes. Not only are these activities fun, but they are also a great workout. Just walking on sand gives you a better workout than running on concrete, and imagine what else you could do. Well, you don’t have to imagine too much. Here are a few of the best sand dune activities that are also a great adrenaline boost and workout: Continue reading “Why Your Dune Vacation is Actually A Workout” »

Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Washington State

larch_600The state of Washington is considered to be one of the best places among outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy some fun in nature. This state is home to many natural wonderlands that attract avid hikers, boaters and climbers as well as other people who just love spending time outdoors. Continue reading “Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Washington State” »

Surfing Tips for First Timers

abeginningSo, you’ve finally decided to make the leap from casual beach bum to all out surfer guru. It might not be as easy as you think, but with a little patience and a lot of practice, you’ll get there in no time. Along the way, follow these helpful tips and tricks that will make anyone believe you were born to ride the waves. Continue reading “Surfing Tips for First Timers” »

Newbie Card Maintenance & Some Fabulous Finds

After a move recently I discovered a box labeled “Sports Cards”.


jaromir jagr rookieThis was a collection of long forgotten cards that I didn’t even remember existed. It turns out many of these cards were cast offs from my teenage years when I began losing interest in card collecting. A lot of cards and random autographed prints were put together in cheap sleeves and a few good ones were kept in an 8 pocket folder. The cards were kept out of light and fortunately were fairly well maintained considering how flimsy the material was that they were being kept in. So what was found within this old container? Some interesting treasures.

  • Roger Clemens Fleer rookie card
  • Jaromir Jagr Upper Deck rookie
  • Sergei Fedorov Upper Deck rookie
  • Eric Lindros minor league Oshawa Generals card

The value on all of these cards is fairly negligible at this point, but as a sports fan they’re still cool collectibles that I will find a better, more secure home for – something better than low quality three ring binders at the very least.

In terms of the prints that I came across I had some real dandies there as well. One of my favorites was a 1991 Indianapolis Colts team poster. Prior to the Detroit Lions recent 0-16 dumpster fire, this was possibly the worst team in modern football. As I recall, only kicker Dean Biasucci was a Pro Bowler on that squad. Looking through the roster (conveniently printed on the bottom of the poster) it’s a veritable who’s who of nobodies. Duane Bickett was the only other player to have a career of any notability. “I would at least remember the quarterbacks” you say. Well, if you remember Gary Hogeboom and Jack Trudeau then you need to find your way onto a sports quiz show ASAP because you’re going to be tough to beat.

Now, to find somewhere to hang these things in my bar…

Water Activities to Try on Vacation

snuba-benefitsWhen you head to the beach this summer, make sure you get up and try something new. There are so many fun water activities to try, and ones that you either have never done or have never heard of before. Water sports and other aquatic activities are exhilarating. While laying on the sand and getting soaking up the rays can be relaxing, get out on the water and try one of these thrilling water sports. Continue reading “Water Activities to Try on Vacation” »

Getting Ready for the 2016 NFL Draft

nfldraftThe 2015 NFL draft is officially in the books. Congrats to the Denver Broncos! Peyton Manning, the General, the Sheriff, the future Hall of Famer, threw for 12/22, 123 yards, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. If you haven’t learned already, defense wins championships.

So football is over for the year right? There’s nothing else to talk about NFL related until the season kicks off again in August? Nope! The NFL Draft is about to commence!

The Timeline

Prospective NFL players will be invited to the NFL combine where they will participate in drills and tests that will be helpful for scouts. The NFL Combine will take place February 23-29 in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. While many people have a clear idea of the draft order by position, players can put up impressive or disappoint stats during the NFL Combine that gain the attention of scouts or scare them away.

The NFL draft will start April 28 in Chicago and will last until the 30th.

Notable Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks are always a players to pay attention to leading up to the NFL Draft:

Paxton Lynch

The Cleveland Browns will likely cut Johnny Manziel on March 9th. The question is if they’ll go for Paxton Lynch or the other two quarterbacks on this list. Lynch has proven to be an outstanding quarterback at Memphis and has all the qualities of a pocket passing NFL quarterback. Lynch was the top rated quarterback throughout most of the college football season, but following a poor performing bowl game and a fantastic performance by Jared Goff his draft stock has fallen slightly. Will Cleveland wait and try to get Lynch later? Or do they have their eyes set on Wentz or Goff? This will be one of the top stories leading up to the draft.

Carson Wentz

Wentz was flying under the radar prior to the 2015 season but lit it up at North Dakota State. Carson Wentz is a great all around quarterback with good accuracy, arm strength and mobility. It will be interesting to see his role once he makes it into the NFL. Expect to see him drafted in the middle of the first round, possibly to the Cowboys, 49ers, Bears or Eagles.

Jared Goff

Jared GoffJared Goff has all the tangibles to be a great future NFL quarterback. Jared Goff broke the Pac-12’s single season passing touchdown record this past year with 43 passing touchdowns. That record was previously held by Oregon’s Marcus Mariota with 42 in 2014. Expect to see him drafted in the middle of the first round. If Cleveland doesn’t pick up Goff with their 2nd pick expect to see a mad amount of inter-team trading up to snatch him up.

Will These QBs Be Fantasy Contenders?

Regarding your own draft it’s never too early to start thinking about fantasy football. Fantasy Football Mastermind has a bunch of great tools and information on their website that can be useful prior to draft and throughout the season. Read up on their eye in the sky fantasy scouting reports, depth charts and more.

It will be very interesting to see where these star quarterbacks will end up and if they will be starting quarterbacks. It seems certain at this point that the Cleveland Browns will select a quarterback early on, but who? And will they throw him into the fire or bring in a more seasoned quarterback and let him sit and learn?

One thing we learned in 2015 is that NFL rookies can score big in fantasy. I often forget that Todd Gurley was a rookie this past year and he was the 5th most valuable RB in 2015. There were plenty of other great players like Amari Cooper, Tevin Coleman and Melvin Gordon that all had an immediate impact.

Many players being drafted this year will be on our fantasy football rosters next year. Most notably Laquon Treadwell, Ezekiel Elliott and Corey Coleman.

Adaptive Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation & Everyday Workouts

arm-pedal-exerciserAbout 10 percent of the world’s population, or 650 million people, live with a disability. Despite living with a disability, people still get out and work out or enjoy fitness activities. Disabled people might also practice fitness during rehab perhaps after an accident. Many people often ask what the best exercise equipment is for a disabled person, whether for rehab or simply to continue working out. Continue reading “Adaptive Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation & Everyday Workouts” »