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What to Buy for the Alabama Fan in Your Family

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we start supporting a particular team, music band, etc or start idolizing a particular celebrity. This is a common phenomenon with every teenager living in any state. Alabama is nothing different. The teens staying here are ardent fans of either any football team, basketball team or a music band. If you want to give them something on their birthday or on any other occasion, it will be better to gift them something related to the team that they support or the music band that they love to listen. Continue reading “What to Buy for the Alabama Fan in Your Family” »

Adaptive Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation & Everyday Workouts

arm-pedal-exerciserAbout 10 percent of the world’s population, or 650 million people, live with a disability. Despite living with a disability, people still get out and work out or enjoy fitness activities. Disabled people might also practice fitness during rehab perhaps after an accident. Many people often ask what the best exercise equipment is for a disabled person, whether for rehab or simply to continue working out. Continue reading “Adaptive Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation & Everyday Workouts” »

How to Prepare for Your First Premier League Season

Did you fall in love with the beautiful game this summer during the 2014 World Cup? If you did your next step to crave the soccer yearnings for the next four years is to choose a league to watch club soccer. The English Premier League is the most followed and powerful league in the world and is your next stop to serve your soccer fix. Unlike other leagues, every single EPL game is shown on American television on the NBC Sports family of networks. You can also live stream every match on your laptop, tablet, or phone through the NBC Sports Live Extra app. After downloading the app here’s how you can prepare for your first premier league season.

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Charlotte Hornets Logo History

The Charlotte Hornets are back. The quintessential 1990s team has returned from the graveyard of changed towns and new franchises to become the team everyone remembers for their awesome teal colors and logo. Nothing says 90s than bright colors and a chunky font. The Charlotte Hornets were the poster child for 90s NBA team logos and colors alonside the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs. Now they’re back and better than ever. After being moved to New Orleans in 2002, where they now have become the New Orleans Pelicans, Charlotte replaced the Hornets with a new organization under the helm of Michael Jordan called the Charlotte Bobcats. Thanks to the rise in popularity of snap backs and retro jerseys, the original Hornets logo remained popular and influential in the NBA fan hood culture. Even though New Orleans altered the original logo and colors, the original Charlotte Hornets name has remained symbolically strong in the Carolinas and in the rest of the country. The original Charlotte Hornets, with their teal and purple, will return to the court in fall of 2014. Let’s look at a history of the Charlotte Hornets’ classic logo and colors.

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I Love my New Husker Gear!

Nebraska Huskers necklaceEveryone who knows me well knows I’m a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Huge fan. I was born and raised in Nebraska and the University of Nebraska is my alma mater. I’ll always be a husker at heart and let me tell you, I can’t get my hands on enough Huskers apparel (as my boyfriend knows all too well). The fact that the Huskers have done well sport-wise (they had excellent weekend wins in football and basketball) is exciting and has spurred me to purchase even more items. I’m radiating pride. Can you feel it?

Well, I just have to say how pleased and excited I am about my new Husker items I recently received in the mail. I ordered from Husker Planet, a site I came across when searching for Nebraska jewelry. I wanted something girly and fun because let’s face it – the selection at WalMart is not that great. If I want a trash bin or generic tee it serves its purpose, but I’ve been in need of something a little more classy.

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