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Get Outdoors in Helen, Georgia

There is no better way to spend the last seconds of summer than to spend them outdoors. The seasons are soon to change, and there will no longer be hot days consecutively, depending on where you live of course. Helen, Georgia is the best place to get in the last cravings of outdoor activities. Here are some outdoor sports and activities that you and your family could partake in at this end of the summer.

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Get Outside in Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Sports Picture

Santa Fe, New Mexico is know for being rich in culture, heritage and art. But Santa Fe is more than that. It has beautiful outdoors, and it has a unique climate for endless outdoor activities. Did you know that you can do outdoor activities that involve snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico? No matter what time of the year, there will always be some outdoor sporting event to partake in. Keep reading to find out what other outdoor sporting activities you can do in Santa Fe!

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Surfing Tips for First Timers

abeginningSo, you’ve finally decided to make the leap from casual beach bum to all out surfer guru. It might not be as easy as you think, but with a little patience and a lot of practice, you’ll get there in no time. Along the way, follow these helpful tips and tricks that will make anyone believe you were born to ride the waves. Continue reading “Surfing Tips for First Timers” »

3 Best Places to Golf in Walla Walla, WA

Walla Walla Golfing Article

The passing of Memorial Day means that most water parks and golf courses are opened back up for the summer. Golf players simply love the game of golf because of the few rules, an open range, amazing scenery that is the best of any sport, and the intensity of getting a hole in one. Walla Walla, Washington is every golfer’s paradise. If you live in Walla Walla, Washington or want to visit Walla Walla soon, here are the three best golfing places in that area.

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Outdoor Sporting at South Haven

South Haven Outdoor Sports 2

Michigan in the summer is beautiful. One reason for that could possibly be that it is surrounded by five beautiful great lakes. A particularly beautiful spot is in South Haven, which is on Lake Michigan. With beautiful weather throughout the summertime and close access to beach areas, South Haven is a perfect spot for a ton of outdoor activities. If you are planning a trip to South Haven, here are a few outdoor sporting activities that you might want to give a try on your next visit.

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What Is Sports Arbitrage?

sports-arbitrage-bettingIf you’re into sports betting, you may have heard the term Sports Arbitrage used frequently as a risk free way to make educated. It comes in many different terms including sports arbs, sure betting, scalping and risk free betting, but they all pretty much mean the same thing.

Thanks to the internet and how easy it is now to bet on any sports game happening anywhere around the world at any time, there is a ton of posted information about matches and.

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Is Your Fantasy Football Team Toast?

NFL-playoffsIt’s that time of year. No, not the time of spreading holiday cheer. The time of emotional roller coasters that come with Fantasy Football playoffs. You’ve groomed your team to the best of your abilities and now is the time when you find out what your team is made of. It doesn’t matter how good your team has been throughout the regular season. One bad week means your season is over.

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The Best Beach Sports Ranked

Group of People Playing Volleyball on the Beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What does one do when they go to the beach? Most people relax with a book and try to get a decent tan. Then there are those who go to the beach to be active. The beach is a great place to play some beach sports, as there are endless options. Kids might make up their own games while adults play a competitive match of beach volleyball.

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The Best Golf Courses in Palm Springs, CA

LushGolfPalm Springs, California is known for its sunny paradise-feel. It’s a golf destination for thousands. The city is full of high-end golf courses that extend across the Coachella Valley. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to Palm Springs strictly on a golf course excursion or looking for a casual round of golf, Palm Springs is the perfect golfing destination.

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The Top Cape Cod Fishing Locations

Cape Cod is a beautiful area in Massachusetts. It’s often quiet with a gentle breeze. If you like fishing, you will find that there are several places to go to catch everything from bass to lobster.

Nickerson State Park
There are eight fresh water ponds at this park. Trout is stocked in the pond. You can only catch and release the fish instead of keeping them. After fishing, you can set up a campsite in the midst of the large trees in the wooded areas of the park.

Cape Cod Canal
This is a popular spot in Cape Cod. It is also noted for having possibly the largest number of fish in the water. You can sit on the sand of the canal, prop your rod against the rocks and enjoy a day of fishing for bass, trout and other varieties. This is an area that can get full of people quickly, and the rocks sometimes seem to close in on you, but it’s an ideal place if you like to feel the breezes from the water. Continue reading “The Top Cape Cod Fishing Locations” »