Charlotte Hornets Return Home

Charlotte-Hornets_new_logoAs the 2014-2015 NBA season gets underway, North Carolinians are celebrating not only the return of basketball season, but the return of the Charlotte Hornets to their home. In 2002, the city lost their beloved team to New Orleans, giving them the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004. The only problem with this new team was that they had none of the history of the Hornets. When the New Orleans team announced it would be renamed as the New Orleans Pelicans, the Hornets name was returned home with its records and official history.


In 1988, Charlotte was granted their first NBA team, despite doubts that they could support their own team. This was not only their first NBA team, but their first professional sports team and North Carolinians were overjoyed to have their own team. The name Hornets was born through the history of the city’s fierce resistance to British occupation during the Revolutionary War. The team chose teal as its primary color, a unique trait that was soon followed by many pro and amateur clubs.

Return to the Hive

After the announcement that the New Orleans Hornets would be renamed to the New Orleans Pelicans, the Bobcats became the Hornets once again. This deal also gave the rights of history and records of the 1988-2002 Hornets back to Charlotte, while the 2002-2013 records now resided with the new Pelicans. Carolinians were more than happy to hear about this deal. Ticket sales spiked by nearly 60% over last year as well as an increase in merchandise and overall enthusiasm. Steven, a member of the staff at Davidson Village Inn, talked about his excitement at the return of the beloved team: “I used to go to Hornets games as a child with my father and I’m looking forward to taking my son to these games as well. Just the number of people supporting the team and wearing the colors again has made a huge difference in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.”

Whether the team will have a good season in terms of playoff hopes can only be determined as the season progresses, but we do know that North Carolinians are happy to have the Hornets back in their hive.

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