Fall Activities in Door County, Wisconsin

toursDoor County is a peninsula off the coast of Wisconsin, in Lake Michigan. It is known for is long shore line and many beautiful state parks. It is home to sheltered Nicolet Beach with its calm waters and beautiful limestone cliffs. Most importantly in the fall all of these beautiful sights are paired with the bright colored leaves, the beauty of it is breathtaking. If you go to visit Door County in the fall we highly recommended adding these outdoor activities on to your to do list:

  1. Biking: Biking is a great way to take in the fall colors and not take up a lot of time. Biking is a great way to exercise as well. It doesn’t put as much stress on your body as running, and it allows you to move quicker and cover more ground. Don’t want to carry your bike with you when you travel? No problem there are plenty of Bicycle rentals across Door County
  2. Hiking: Hiking is another way to get out and get some fresh air on your trip to Door County. If you don’t want to rush through the sights and really want to take you time, this would be the way to do it. Follow trails on your, or join tours it doesn’t matter how you enjoy this outdoor activity. Just be sure to stay safe, and go prepared. Who knows, if you find a nice spot you might want to take a break and have a romantic picnic
  3. Zip Lining: This is for those thrill seekers out there. Flying down a line, reaching intense speeds while you hang on by a thread will definitely get your heart going. Okay, well not by an actual thread. You are all hooked up in a harness and connects to a steel line, but when you are sliding so many feet above the ground, it may feel like it is just a threading holding you there. If you are interested in this thrilling outdoor activity, then you are going to want to check out the different zip lining tours and adventures that Door County offers.

These and many other different activities are what await you in Door County. If you believe this beautiful, lake shore is perfect for your next vacation then you might want to check out The Ashbrook to book your stay in a luxurious room in one of the few adults only hotels in Door County.

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