Is Your Fantasy Football Team Toast?

NFL-playoffsIt’s that time of year. No, not the time of spreading holiday cheer. The time of emotional roller coasters that come with Fantasy Football playoffs. You’ve groomed your team to the best of your abilities and now is the time when you find out what your team is made of. It doesn’t matter how good your team has been throughout the regular season. One bad week means your season is over.

I’ll use myself as an example. I had a great draft – most notably snatching up Devonta Freeman in the 7th round. Since then he has scored more points for me than any other player on my team aside from my quarterback Carson Palmer (another great and frankly lucky draft pick).

My fantasy football dreams however may now only be hanging by a thread. In this week’s first round of playoffs Freeman put up a disappointing 4.2 points. In addition to weak performances from Brandon LaFell and a no-show from Amari Cooper, my playoff hopes depend on Odell Beckham Jr. scoring over 14 points tonight. I finished third in our league’s regular season standings, and the first and second place teams have already lost their playoff matchups. Unless something crazy happens tonight, our league will likely be #8 vs #5 and #6 vs #7.

If you didn’t make the playoffs, or if your playoff run is coming to a close like mine might be, there’s something you should really consider doing to keep the rest of the season interesting.

Playoff Fantasy Football

Get a fresh start on your season by playing in a fantasy football playoff league. You draft your team just like you did at the start of the NFL season, but this time you’re limited to only players that make it to the postseason. One of the best websites for doing this is Fantasy Postseason because they’re so flexible with how you can set up your league. You can set up a league with just a few of your buddies, or organize a huge group like a 500 person company-wide league. You can also set it up as daily, per round or fixed formats, so if you’re not into the idea of losing your player if the team doesn’t make it, you can do a per-round format.

There’s a few great reasons to do one of these leagues:

  • NFL playoff games are huge events that everyone watches. There’s also a good chance that everyone will have players playing in every game going on.
  • Skill is important, but almost more important is how far you expect the team to go in the postseason. You might think Tom Brady is the best quarterback, but it would be better to draft Carson Palmer if you think Arizona will make it farther in the playoffs.
  • Regular fantasy football will be over by the time the playoffs start. What better way to lift and then crush everyone’s fantasy football hopes once again!

If you’re interested, you should probably start organizing this now. Drafts can be done once the playoff picture is set in stone, which will only be a couple of weeks away.

Option Two – Focus On a Different Sport

While it may not sound feasible now, you could test your luck on a different sport. Fantasy hockey and fantasy basketball are all great options this time of year. Even if you haven’t done it before and haven’t joined a league yet getting into it is quite easy as there are weekly fantasy leagues that anyone can join. Fantasy Hockey Journal has hockey pool tools to assist with looking up stats on players on your team or players you are interested in picking up/dropping etc, so it isn’t difficult to get involved even if you know little about hockey.

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