Best Fishing in Seaside, Oregon

There are numerous amazing places in North West America for an angler to hone their fishing skills. Seaside Oregon is such a place. In Seaside, visitors can enjoy both fresh and salt water fishing. If planning a vacation to this bustling town, be prepared to partake in many memorable fishing adventures. Since there are so many places that are teeming with fish, planning ahead enables anglers to arrive during the best seasons to fish at both local and distant fishing hot spots. A little bit of research will lead the savvy fisherman to plan a vacation filled with the best fishing in Seaside Oregon, and plenty of other fun things to do.
By taking the time to research, vacationers can easily find all of the sources of great food and entertainment, and most importantly, the best fishing locations. Since the town of Seaside has several great places to throw a line, let’s start with the best of the local fishing attractions. The beautiful Neawanna and the Necanicum are two rivers that flow through Seaside, both offer salmon and steelhead fishing during specific seasons. Additionally, Mantel Lake offers convenient public access to its shores and is loaded with Bluegill, Bream, as well as the coveted Largemouth bass. Each of these areas offers the anglers shore side freshwater fishing opportunities, as well as boat ramps to gain even easier access to the best fish in Oregon.

On the southern portion of Seaside there is another great fishing attraction, which is called The Cove. The Cove is a favored surf fishing location where perch and many other tasty species tend to hang out. Quatat Marine Park, along the Necanicum River, is another place worthy of a visit. Many people also enjoy fishing at the 12th Avenue Bridge, where both fish and crab await to be caught. If interested in fishing the nearby areas, visitors can take a short drive to fish in the ocean, the Columbia River, and many of the other rivers and streams between Seaside and Astoria.

Just a little time and a short drive will lead to a harbor found in the Hammond and Warrenton area, which is a great place to take a boat out to gain access to the ocean via traveling the Columbia River to Youngs Bay, which opens to the ocean. Regardless of where an individual decides to spend time fishing, it is important to adhere to the local regulations pertaining to fishing in Seaside Oregon. The locals are always polite and helpful, which also leads to discovering even more places worthy of dropping a line at. One way to gain the best insider knowledge is to consider hiring a local fishing charter service to navigate the way.

As you can see, there are multiple attractions all throughout Seaside, Oregon that are great for fishing. If you are planning a vacation and want to be close to these great fishing areas, consider a vacation rental home or cottage from Rogers Inn Vacation Rentals. They offer a variety of rentals that are perfect for small and large groups and are close to many things to do throughout the area.

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