Football Themed Wedding Ideas

So the Super Bowl is only a few days away and that means mega food, fun, and family. When planning a wedding you would want the same elements to be present, right? So in honor of the best Football Sunday of them all, I’ve compiled some awesome ideas of how to combine the two: a football themed wedding! 

I’ve seen the idea circulating on sites like Pinterest and even on bridal shows like Four Weddings and thought the idea was an interesting take on a traditional wedding. The football theme was as mild as using a team’s colors to be the theme of the wedding to actually wearing jerseys and having a football cake. Here are some ideas and tips if you want to have your own football themed wedding:

Ticket Invitations

Create your wedding invitations or save the dates to look like actual football game tickets complete with a picture of you and your significant other and all the details about the wedding. The invites are unique and easy to make. Plus it allows guests to know your theme right away. You can purchase invites like these from websites and other wedding vendors.

Team Colors

A really easy way to represent your favorite team is by incorporating their colors into your theme. If you’re a Packers fan like me, have your bridesmaids wear yellow and your groomsmen wear green. Or another option is to have your flowers be yellow and your decorations be green. There are endless options when it comes to using team colors in your wedding.

 Football Themed Food

I found an endless  supply of good ideas for incorporating mini, edible footballs into your food. One really cute idea was chocolate dipped strawberries with white lines made out of white chocolate that make them look just like mini footballs. They can serve as cute finger desserts and also to carry out your theme. Serve tailgate kinds of foods like mini hot dogs or popcorn as appetizers or just on the table snacks. Other examples were a full football cake, cake toppers of football helmets or footballs themselves, team colored cakes, and more. You can get really creative when it comes to you wedding food and continuing your theme.

Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures are the perfect place to showcase your love of football. Pose throwing a ball in your wedding dress or suit or take lovely pictures on your favorite football field. Some couples had their bridesmaids and groomsmen line up on the 50 yard line and pose as if they were doing a real hand off. The possibilities are endless!

Guest Book

Instead of having a traditional guest book, leave out a jersey or table cloth with your teams logo on it and have guest sign that. It’ll be a great frame-able piece that will represent your love, family, and friends as well as your favorite team!


About the Author: Clarissa is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, offering unique and beautiful card boxes for any occasion.


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