Fun Things to Do at the Beach

A beach vacation is nothing without some fun in the sun beach activities to keep you busy and entertained. There is a huge range of things that can make your beach visit overflow with fun, all perfect for kids and adults alike. Here are some ideas of how to take your beach trip over the top!

  1. Beach Bonfires: Make sure the beach allows for fires and have a bonfire party! Perfect for nighttime beach visiting, when the temperature drops a little, complete with music, dancing, and s’mores.
  2. Sand Castles: Become an architect and create elaborate or simple sand structures with the kids or have a contest with friends.
  3. Picnic: Bring a blanket and basket and settle down in the sand for a sun filled picnic. Make it romantic with candles and have a nighttime picnic.
  4. Frisbee: A fun sport to play in and out of the water, something everyone can join in on.
  5. Hiking: Many beaches offer trails that connect to the main beach. Venture away from the shoreline and hike the scenic routes.
  6. Fishing: Try your luck and cast a line!
  7. Read: Bring your favorite beach side novels or magazines and take in the sunshine while reading.
  8. Look for Seashells: Hunt for the prettiest of shells with the kids and create pretty sand murals or rinse them off and bring them back home as a souvenir.
  9. Visit the Beach Town Nearby: Most beaches have a small, little beach town connected, browse the shops and find the perfect souvenir.
  10. Beach Sports: Play a game of volleyball with friends, kick a soccer ball around, bring out the football, or play in the water with a blow up beach ball.
  11. Paddle Boating: Rent a paddle boat and set sea with friends.
  12. Sunbathing: Layout and relax while soaking up the sun, just make sure to wear sunscreen!
  13. Play Cards: A round of rummy anyone?
  14. Go Tubing: Hold on tight and tube the big boat waves.
  15. Jet Ski: Rent a jet ski and cruise the open waters.
  16. Fly a Kite: If the wind is just right, don’t forget your kite!
  17. Exercise: Go for a shoreline run or set up a yoga mat and align your Chakras with the waves.
  18. Sleep: Take a nap to the sound of the waves, but make sure to be under an umbrella or to be covered up to avoid a sunburn when you wake up.
  19. Walk Your Dog: Dogs love the beach just as much as us, walk them on the shoreline or let them swim the waters.
  20. Float: Bring an inter-tube and just float and relax in the water.

About the Author: Sydney is a guest contributor from Victorian Inns by the Sea, offering high end Block Island vacation rentals.

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