Where to Golf Near South Bend, Indiana

golf caddy on courseYou can find some great golf courses in and close to South Bend, Indiana, home of the University of Notre Dame and the Studebaker automobile. You will have to select in accordance with your objectives.

Can you slice on command? Did you pre-order your last flop shot? Have you mastered the straight and narrow aim? Or, is “FORE!” your middle name? What’s your 20? Are you in it for the ride, or, do you walk and carry? The way you travel the course can affect your body’s preparation between holes.

When it comes to selecting a playing field for your golf outing, what matters most is your game. What’s your skill level now, and where would you like it to be in six months? Every golf course, whether private or public, nine holes or 72, provides players with the necessary details to determine all the challenges you will encounter. The overall course slope, plus the slope of each hole are shown on their scorecards, course description pamphlets, and online websites.

When searching for the best course to play, consider these three factors. One, what are the shot skills you’d like to work on, if any? Two, do you want to play unto exhaustion through variety with a loose focus on improving your game? And, finally, do you plan to primarily engage in contemplation and reflection while incorporating opportunities to network and socialize?


Let’s say you’d like to master purposeful slicing. If you’re a righty, look for courses that offer a fair number of dog-leg right fairways throughout its field; say three or four for an 18-hole course. Elbel Park Golf Club could be the perfect spot in this case. Its 72-par, 6,885-yards course includes five dog-leg rights at holes 7, 10, 11, 15, and 18. If you don’t need that many, Erskine Park Golf Club is a par-70, 6,100-yards course with dog-leg rights at holes 13 and 15. Since most of its fairways are straight and relatively narrow, you could pursue a practice on aim and distance, as well.

Or, perhaps you’ve recently purchased some new hybrids and would like to master your feel of them. Then, you might want to find a course with several lengthy and fewer water hazards on average. This way you can exercise your newly discovered revelation. The ball doesn’t have to fly far and high, it merely has to stay above ground and travel far. Make it ride like a missile just above the terrain. Again, Erskine will fit the bill, here. But you could also visit the Warren Course at the University of Notre Dame for similar practice conditions. The college playing course is open to the public and offers Stay & Play options for your convenience.


If golf functions as an escape for you and nothing too serious, then you may find amenable a course filled with twin or repetitive hole styles. Courses like these are designed to encourage people to play golf without scaring them away from the game. On these fields, you can get plenty of exercise, josh around with friends (as long as you do not hinder the progress of play), and o-c-c-a-s-i-o-n-a-l-l-y think about an improvement or two of your game. In this case, consider booking your tee time with the Whispering Pines Golf Course, a 72-par field painted in step with the surrounding city.

You might also consider Plym Park Municipal Golf Course, a nine-hole, historical gem situated not too far away. Both are designed whereby you’re welcome to enjoy a minimally engaging round in a location central to entertainment and attractions.

COMBO MEgolf course

Otherwise, if you’re in search of a golfing challenge with some socializing that’s equally intense, consider Blackthorn Golf Club (be careful to select the one in Indiana). This course presents the perfect answer to the need for a combination of the exhaustive practice of your golf shots plus areas for socializing built right into the fabric of your and your group’s experience there. The 72-par course is 7,136 yards long with no two holes even remotely similar. You will also enjoy the challenge of plenty of water hazards and sand traps. Then where does the fun start, you may ask. The fairways are wide, and their on-site TopGolf® Swing Suite is complete with a lounging area, and food and drink service. For the combo experience, you might also enjoy the Eberhart-Petro Municipal Golf Course. It offers summer concerts at its 70-par, 89-acres course facility. And another larger facility fitting the bidding is the Island Hills Golf Club. It offers a variety of strategies for attacking its course, stays & play options, and family events.


If you’re only interested in a swift jaunt, nothing too fancy and not looking to bump into anyone, you might want to book a nine-hole, tucked-away course. The Studebaker Park Golf Course may suit you. To enhance your golf trip, just a few minutes away is The Oliver Inn Bed & Breakfast where you will be treated like a champ, regardless of if you did well or not for the day, with fantastic hospitality and comfortable rooms.

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