Saying Goodbye to a Legend

With a storybook ending in the Bronx and a final RBI in Boston, Derek Jeter said goodbye to the game of baseball. His final innings as shortstop were rightfully played in New York, giving him the opportunity to walk out of Yankee Stadium with a walk off single in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. You couldn’t have scripted that any better. Jeter wrote himself into the lineup in Boston as DH and after his RBI on his second at bat, signaled to Joe Girardi that after his 3,465th hit, the time had come to say goodbye. Despite a heated rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox with Jeter leading the Yankees for over a decade, Red Sox fans and Yankee fans came together to cheer for the Captain one last time. There may never be another great who can unite these two teams’ fans, but Jeter had proved himself a worthy opponent throughout his 20 years in baseball. Let’s look at some of Jeter’s most memorable plays throughout his time as a Bronx Bomber.derek-jeter-announces-retirement-from-baseball-after-2014

  1. The Dive

The Dive will go down in history as one of Jeter’s most noble plays. July 1, 2004 against his greatest rivals, the Boston Red Sox, Derek Jeter dove into the stands, coming up with the ball still in his glove. He may have walked away with a bloody chin, but his effort will go down in history.

  1. The Return

After suffering from a broken ankle and various other setbacks in the 2013 season, Jeter returned in style to the game. On July 28, 2013, Jeter showed he was back with a home run off the first pitch he saw. A dominant move by a dominant captain.

  1. The Flip

In the 2001 AL Division Series between the Yankees and the Athletics, Jeter took part in one of the most iconic plays in baseball history. He appeared near the first base foul line, retrieving an overthrown ball from Shane Spencer and throws the ball home to preserve their 1-0 lead in the seventh inning. Many people say this was a momentum shifting play, giving the Yankees the push they needed to win the ALDS and make an appearance in the World Series.

Derek Jeter’s time in baseball may be over, but his legacy, sportsmanship, and admiration will live on for many years to come.

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