Hockey Fans Give A Big “Boo Hoo” to Football

BettmanThat’s right. A big “boo hoo” is what a lot of hockey fans gave to football when they heard about the NFL referee lockout. In case you don’t know, the NHL, or National Hockey League, is in a lockout right now and it’s unsure whether there will be a hockey season. Not surprisingly, a lot of fans are upset and are keeping their fingers crossed that things will work out.

The NFL referee lockout has spurred a lot of controversy. Replacement referees were called in and the games went on. However, this elicited a lot of media attention and complaints. The football fans still get their games while the hockey fans only hope they will. Some hockey fans think football fans need to stop complaining.

Yesterday, a Blisstree writer posted an article covering just that. They vented their anger about the attention the NFL referee lockout got and asked if anyone cares about the NHL. As the referee lockout has ended, the NHL lockout still looms. The writer said money isn’t going to get spent and people don’t get to look forward to attending hockey games. This is especially painful when attending is a tradition and a lot of cities depend on the money spent during hockey season.

Take a place like Detroit, nicknamed “Hockeytown,” that thrives during hockey season. What will happen when football season is over and the Joe Louis sits empty? What about Hockeytown Cafe? Another article said Canadian television will suffer because lost broadcasts means less viewers and advertising revenue. It’s rather unsettling for a lot of people and businesses.

The NHL is set to resume negotiations today, so we’ll see what happens.

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