I Love my New Husker Gear!

Nebraska Huskers necklaceEveryone who knows me well knows I’m a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Huge fan. I was born and raised in Nebraska and the University of Nebraska is my alma mater. I’ll always be a husker at heart and let me tell you, I can’t get my hands on enough Huskers apparel (as my boyfriend knows all too well). The fact that the Huskers have done well sport-wise (they had excellent weekend wins in football and basketball) is exciting and has spurred me to purchase even more items. I’m radiating pride. Can you feel it?

Well, I just have to say how pleased and excited I am about my new Husker items I recently received in the mail. I ordered from Husker Planet, a site I came across when searching for Nebraska jewelry. I wanted something girly and fun because let’s face it – the selection at WalMart is not that great. If I want a trash bin or generic tee it serves its purpose, but I’ve been in need of something a little more classy.

So what did I get? Well, I got earrings and matching pendant. They have Swarovski crystals and really shine quite beautifully. In fact, today I decided to put my hair up so my new jewelry is completely visible and let me tell you, I wear it proudly. A picture of the earrings are below (sorry it’s not of my actual stuff, I’m just too lazy to take, resize, and upload a bunch of pictures. Plus, they look just like the picture).

Husker earrings

These items were a bit pricey, and I normally probably wouldn’t pay so much for jewelry, but I HAD to have them (and to be honest the BF bought them for me for an early Christmas gift). It’s just not common to find such girly team items and I had to scoop ’em up while they’re available!

HuskerPlanet has a great selection of items – hoodies, decorations, pants, you name it. I actually put a few more items from their site on my Amazon Christmas Wish List. Ladies, their hoodies are really great and a lot of them appear to be form fitting (perfect if you dislike baggy clothes like I do).

Also, when I was checking out HuskerPlanet for the first time, I saw they are BBB accredited – so you know you can trust them. If you’re not a Huskers fan (shame on you! 😉 ), they have other websites. You can find a list of choices at MyTeamPlanet.com.

Well, that’s it for now! I’m going to continue to enjoy my jewelry (and hopefully other items after Christmas comes around). 🙂

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