Outdoor Activities in Cape Cod

Cape Codders will admit that the springtime is always a great time to get the family or your friends together for outdoor activities. Cape Cod is rich in nature, culture, and has great weather in the spring. Go kayaking, parasailing, fishing, hiking, jogging, and more. Encourage your family and friends that getting outdoors will help you live a heart-healthy active lifestyle. Older adults can enjoy wine tasting or watch sports events in the local park. Rest assured, there is something for the entire family to have a summer full of fun and excitement outdoors in Cape Cod. When your day is over, relax and unwind at The Captain Farris House Bed & Breakfast.

Heritage Museum & Gardening

Heritage provides an impressive outdoor garden that allows you to zip-line and enjoy other activities. They work hard to preserve the history and the horticulture of one of the top museum and gardens in America. There is free admission for their members with wedding and select events rentals. Enjoy three gallery areas for you and the entire family. The carousel provides a kid-friendly outdoor activity. Their galleries host a wide collection and there is also a cafe when you work up an appetite.

Herring Cove Beach

The beach is always a great outdoor activity that lets you appreciate the smell of salt water and have fun with the entire family. The beach allows individuals to collect their thoughts and enjoy outdoor activities with the sun hosting your every move. Pack up your coats, blankets, umbrellas, sunscreen and sunglasses for a day at Herring Cove Beach. Enjoy fun in the sun and get your feet in the sand at one of their on season weekly volleyball tournaments. Herring Cove is rated excellent with a 4.37-star rating. Get the family together and head off to a popular Cape Cod beach to catch some rays.

DeadZone Zombie Tag

Are you looking for an extreme outdoor Cape Cod activity for your family? DeadZone Zombie Tag allows you to get immersed in zombie makeup and live the actual experience of laser tagging your opponent. You can also join laser tag as a group or an individual. People of all ages are wondering around the outdoor arena with lighted badges that they want to avoid being tagged. This is a new active outdoor game in Cape Cod that everyone will enjoy. DeadZone invites you to contact them to find out more about their amazing laser tag games today.

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