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Michigan in the summer is beautiful. One reason for that could possibly be that it is surrounded by five beautiful great lakes. A particularly beautiful spot is in South Haven, which is on Lake Michigan. With beautiful weather throughout the summertime and close access to beach areas, South Haven is a perfect spot for a ton of outdoor activities. If you are planning a trip to South Haven, here are a few outdoor sporting activities that you might want to give a try on your next visit.

Kayaking and Canoeing

The calm waters of South Haven allow people to go kayaking and canoeing. A popular place to go on a kayaking trip in South Haven is on the Black River. Another popular place that you can kayak and canoe is at the Bangor/South Haven Heritage Water Trail. If you need to rent a kayak or a canoe in South Haven, you can do so here.

FishingSouth Haven Outdoor Sports Picture 1

Fishing is very popular in South Haven. It is very common to see people go charter fishing on Lake Michigan as well. Charter fishing is when you have a group of people pay for a private boat for a fishing trip with only friends and family. At South Haven, they have plenty of charter boat renting places. The type of fish you can expect to catch in Lake Michigan are lake trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, bowfin, and yellow perch.


The great thing about swimming in Lake Michigan is that you are swimming in fresh water and the waves are gentle. This means that many people have access to public beaches.  South Haven has several public beaches including South Beach, North Beach, Woodman Beach Access, Dyckman Street Access, Packard Park and Beach, Oak Street Access, and Newcome Beach Access. Check out one of those beach access points the next time you visit South Haven.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing are all pretty common sporting activities that you can expect to do regularly. An uncommon outdoor sporting event that you can do in South Haven is to go paddle boarding. If you are interested in giving paddle boarding a try, you can rent them in South Haven here.

About the Author: Kourtney is a guest contributor for South Haven Visitors Bureau, a trip guide to all things South Haven and Lake Michigan.

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