How to Prepare for Your First Premier League Season

Did you fall in love with the beautiful game this summer during the 2014 World Cup? If you did your next step to crave the soccer yearnings for the next four years is to choose a league to watch club soccer. The English Premier League is the most followed and powerful league in the world and is your next stop to serve your soccer fix. Unlike other leagues, every single EPL game is shown on American television on the NBC Sports family of networks. You can also live stream every match on your laptop, tablet, or phone through the NBC Sports Live Extra app. After downloading the app here’s how you can prepare for your first premier league season.

Liverpool are most closely compared to the Red Sox, which ironically are owned by the same company. Manchester United, meanwhile arecompared to the Yankees or Cowboys.

Liverpool are most closely compared to the Red Sox, which ironically are owned by the same company. Manchester United, meanwhile are compared to the Yankees or Cowboys.

Select a Team to Support:

Most American sports fans are used to following a team based on location, tradition, or personal connection. While selecting a soccer club to follow, most of those reasons are futile, so it can be a rather intimidating feat to select your supporting destiny. Here’s a formula to help select what EPL club to follow:

Step 1-Do you have a personal connection to the team or the city where they play? Maybe you have an uncle who was a Newcastle fan or you visited Liverpool on a study abroad? A personal connection can be the starting block of what club to support.

Step 2-Study the club. English clubs have a history that makes NFL teams look like babies. Know the history of the club, how they run, what they’re known for, how they play and what the current team looks like. Understanding the club can help confirm whether to support them or not. It will also help to know about them like a textbook before exam day once we get to “watch with soccer people”.

Step 3: If you are stumped in finding a club to support look to different online forums and articles that help compare EPL teams to American sports teams. Here are some helpful links:

***Remember, it’s not you that selects the team but the team that selects you.

EPL supporters show they're team colors in many ways.

EPL supporters show their team colors in many ways.


Show the Colors:

The next way to prepare for the EPL season is to sport the colors of the club you’ve selected to follow. There’s different styles in supporting your club around town or on match day. First is the classic American sports fan look, with a jersey and coordinating colored shorts/pants. Check out World Soccer Shop to pick out you favorite player or make a custom look. The second look is the hipster/soccer snob look with tight jeans, a J. Crew t-shirt, thick rimmed glasses and a scarf dawning your club’s crest and colors. Lastly there’s the soccer nerd look, where you find a throwback jersey of a player or club that you bid $200 for on eBay.

The best way to celebrate soccer is at a soccer bar.

The best way to celebrate soccer is at a soccer bar.

Watch with Soccer People:

Those watch parties at pubs and homes don’t just happen during the World Cup, they happen every weekend during the EPL season. So search online for your local soccer bar that will open up early for EPL games. Enjoy the intensity, passion and excitement of watching the game with a bunch of other fans  like you that have fallen in love with the beautiful game. Don’t be afraid of being judged, most soccer fans are welcoming to newcomers. Just be wary if the pub or bar is specific to only one team.


Other Prep Tips:

-Here are some websites to follow in order to keep up with the latest news and happenings in the EPL.

-Remember to drink coffee, coffee beer, and coffee liquors.

-Check out the Free Beer Movement to recruit your friends to watch soccer.


Guest blogger Geoff Lee is an avid EPL watcher and soccer lover. Cheering for Tottenham Hotspurs is a torrent love affiar. He currently works for Orchard Inn.





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