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Santa Fe, New Mexico is know for being rich in culture, heritage and art. But Santa Fe is more than that. It has beautiful outdoors, and it has a unique climate for endless outdoor activities. Did you know that you can do outdoor activities that involve snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico? No matter what time of the year, there will always be some outdoor sporting event to partake in. Keep reading to find out what other outdoor sporting activities you can do in Santa Fe!

Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, and Cross Country Skiing: With 300 sunny days a year and about 225 inches of snowfall per season, Santa Fe, New Mexico makes a great place for snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and other winter sport activities. Even though Santa Fe basically has the perfect weather year round to partake in winter activities, the perfect time to do them is from late fall to early spring. There are nine downhill skiing places that are within 16 miles out of Santa Fe including the Southern Rockies and on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


Horseback Riding: New Mexico offers scenic hills and high deserts for activities like horseback riding. Many of those places are not far from Santa Fe. Typical places to go horseback riding near Santa Fe are Cerrillos Hills State Park and the Silver & Turquoise Mines. Plan a day trip through the beauty of New Mexico while horseback riding.

Fly Fishing: The hot spots for fly fishing are throughout northern New Mexico. Popular places for people to fish are on the Rio Grande, on mountain lakes and in the smaller streams in Santa Fe. The perfect time of year to catch the most amount of fish is from June through early September. Guests need to make sure they have their fishing license and to make sure they are not fishing on private waters.

Trekking: Trekking is more challenging than hiking, and Santa Fe is the perfect place to do it. Santa Fe is full of challenging trails to climb and conquer. Some popular places to go trekking are through the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail, Namebe Lake, Winsor Trail and Santa Fe Lake Trail. The trail that was voted the best place to go hiking and trekking by others is the Atalaya Mountain Trail.

About the Author: Macy is a guest contributor from Four Kachinas Inn, a cozy Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn.

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