Why Skiers Love Killington, VT

Skiing enthusiasts rave about the slopes at Killington, VT. The incredible resort welcomes skiers of all skill levels and interests each winter. Different trails appeal to different audiences at Killington. You could begin your skiing career at one of the best ski resorts on the eastern coast of the United States by trying the beginner trails. You can take your skiing skills to the next level if you check out the more advanced slopes available.

And there are plenty of other activities, including nightlife, dog sledding, tours on snowmobiles, and great restaurants. The resort at Killington is almost like a small city, and it has the amenities to prove it. The only limit to the fun you can have at Killington is your own imagination and willingness to try new things.

Skiing Features

Killington features over 40 open trails at any given time, but sometimes more trails can be open. Four lifts transport skiers up the mountain so that they can make their way down on their skis. These trails range from beginner’s trails to advanced trails. Novice skiers can take lessons with professional instructors to gain a basic understanding of the skiing. Skiing enthusiasts can take to the advanced trails on their own to test their abilities and enjoy the thrills of the incredible slopes.

Sheer Beauty

While you make your way down the mountain, you’ll take in some of the most amazing views in the world. The mountains of southern Vermont provide the perfect backdrop for your Killington escape. As you ascend the mountain on the ski lifts, you’ll be struck by the beautiful, snow-capped mountains you see before you. And the best part is that you’ll get to see them each time you make it to the top of the mountain. The memories of these views will stick in your mind just as much as the skiing experience.

Slope Maintenance

The people who maintain the slopes at Killington take great pride in their work. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can expect to find healthy slopes ready for you to enjoy any time. The workers will frantically prepare the slopes to their best of their ability to make sure every guest experiences the best possible skiing conditions. When you make your way around the resort, you can feel the positive energy from everyone involved in making Killington the premiere destination for skiers. Killington certainly attracts plenty of skiers for these reasons and more.

About the Author: Jennifer is a guest contributor from GetAway Vacations, a Killington, VT bed and breakfast.

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