Why Skiing is a Great Year-Round Activity

spring-skiing-photo-courtesy-of-crystal-mountainOnce Spring starts to bloom across the U.S., people start to pack their skis away in the closet, not to be used again until the following winter. They look to other warm weather outdoor activities to occupy their time. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Skiing is a great year round activity because of the reversed seasons in the Southern Hemisphere and there are still great ski spots that produce snow during even the warmest months. Check out the following reasons below to see why you shouldn’t pack your skis away this summer.

Less Crowded, Less Expensive Resorts

Before looking at where to ski during the warmer months of year, let me tell you why to go during these times. Skiing is seen as a winter sport in the U.S., so most people aren’t willing to try to find alternatives to their typical ski spots. Resorts with cold enough weather for year round skiing will undoubtedly be less crowded and most certainly more affordable. This can make for a much more pleasant experience for you as you can feel free to hit the slopes without worrying about how many people are present. Also, prices could be low enough for you to be able to afford an extra trip during the year.

Some places, like in Colorado, which is known for its ski resorts, have skiing year-round with artificial snow. A great place to stay if you’re looking for cabins, is through Durango Colorado Vacations, which offers vacation rentals in Durango, Colorado.

Glacier Skiing

Fortunately for you, glaciers don’t melt and disappear quite like the snow does. The high altitude of these glaciers makes for cold enough temperatures to use the slopes. Some places might have a time restriction, like only being able to ski between 7am-2pm due to rough, melted slopes in the afternoon, but it is still a great way to enjoy your favorite pastime. WhileTimberline Lodge in Oregon is the only US year-round resort, several different and countries such as Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and France have a couple locations that still get enough snow to ski.

Southern Hemisphere

Another not entirely true, skiers should remember that it is always winter somewhere. While the Northern Hemisphere experiences the warm and long hours of the summer months, other places are receiving heavy snowfall. Only in part because ski fanatics need a place to go ski during the summer, there has been a rise in traveling internationally for a summer ski trip. Tres Valles, Nevados de Chillan, and Portillos, all located in Chile, boast deep powdery snowfall during the North American summer months. Argentina and New Zealand also have numerous ski resorts to check out.

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