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Saying Goodbye to a Legend

With a storybook ending in the Bronx and a final RBI in Boston, Derek Jeter said goodbye to the game of baseball. His final innings as shortstop were rightfully played in New York, giving him the opportunity to walk out of Yankee Stadium with a walk off single in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. You couldn’t have scripted that any better. Jeter wrote himself into the lineup in Boston as DH and after his RBI on his second at bat, signaled to Joe Girardi that after his 3,465th hit, the time had come to say goodbye. Despite a heated rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox with Jeter leading the Yankees for over a decade, Red Sox fans and Yankee fans came together to cheer for the Captain one last time. There may never be another great who can unite these two teams’ fans, but Jeter had proved himself a worthy opponent throughout his 20 years in baseball. Let’s look at some of Jeter’s most memorable plays throughout his time as a Bronx Bomber. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to a Legend” »

10 Best Baseball Movies

July’s winding to a close, but there’s one way to make it feel like summer any time: baseball. When autumn winds start to blow in the not-so-distant future, keep the spirit of summer alive with America’s favorite pastime. Just pop one of these into the DVD player and you’ll instantly be transported to a beautiful sunny summer day.

10. Fever Pitch

A fairly simple romantic comedy, this movie resonates with any true diehard fan, but especially those who love the Red Sox. The love story follows a budding romance and watches it be tested by a complete obsession with baseball.

9. A League of Their Own

Based on the true story of the first professional women’s baseball team during the WWII, this film is a feel-good classic. It also brought one of the most famous lines into existence- “there’s no crying in baseball!”

8. Eight Men Out

This classic is about the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal, when the 1919 Chicago White Sox team is approached by gamblers to throw the world series.

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Top Five Sports in the World: Popularity Wise

soccerAs much as most Americans would like to think that Football (American football, that is) or baseball make a huge dent in what the world considers to be a popular sport, upon doing some research, they will find that they are very much mistaken. Although baseball does rank in the top five, American football isn’t even on the list at all. So then, what are the top five sports in the entire world? Brace yourself. You may be a little surprised.

1. Football (aka, Soccer)
Not to be confused with football in the United States, soccer is the number one sport worldwide. Although it lacks popularity in the U.S. today, it thrives greatly in other nations.

2. Cricket
I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously?” Yes, I’m serious. In the past few years, it has gained more popularity than it has ever held before; therefore, making it highly competitive with soccer for popularity.

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