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Evaluating the 2015 NFL Draft Board by Conference

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All college football season long, you hear it.  If you are an SEC football fan you chant S-E-C, S-E-C, and think that your conference is the most dominant by far.  If you are the rest of the country, you think the SEC is an overhyped ESPN media machine. And somewhere in the middle is the truth about how good, or overrated the SEC is.

Obviously, there are valid points to both arguments about how good of a league the SEC, and how it compares to other conferences.  People point to non-league scheduling, bowl performance, rankings, and even such things as attendance.  Well, what about draft pick production?  The amount of picks in a given draft year can arguably be a good evaluation of how conference is performing. With that in mind we have analyzed the current top 50 projected draft picks by conference. Continue reading “Evaluating the 2015 NFL Draft Board by Conference” »

Who Has the Most Loyal Big Ten Fans?

After the Reddit survey exploded in social media about the most hated teams in college football, it’s time to look at the other side of the coin. How about the teams with the most loyal fans? Let’s see what the’s ranking turned out for the Big Ten. The website based its findings by studying every football fan base year in and year out, and came up with the top 15.

Overall Winner: Nebraska

Out of all football teams in the nation, Nebraska fans are considered the most loyal. Despite the lack of a national championship in more than a decade, its fans didn’t turn its back on the Cornhuskers. Proof? Since 1962, the 91-000 seat Memorial Stadium has always sold out. And even if it’s a road game, Nebraska fans will be glued to the tellies to cheer for their team.

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