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6 Hiking Trails in Breckenridge, Colorado

Hiking in Breckenridge, Colorado

When the snow melts in Breckenridge, Colorado, it’s the season for hiking. In a few months, more and more people will be taking to the trails to hike, jog, or go on a casual walk through the nature trails of Breckenridge. The resort city is known for its skiing and snowboarding, but its trails are hidden gems. The trails are gorgeous, the altitude is not too bad, and the hikes are fulfilling. Continue reading “6 Hiking Trails in Breckenridge, Colorado” »

Safety Tips for a Great Mountain Hiking Experience

hikingMountain climbing or hiking is a fun experience, both for new timers and experienced hikers. Travelers each year strap on a backpack and take to the mountains to explore the wilderness. Whether you’re a new hiker or a someone who has been doing it for years, any bump in your plans can make for a bad experience so it’s best to be prepared and ready to take on anything Mother Nature throws your way. Continue reading “Safety Tips for a Great Mountain Hiking Experience” »