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A Moment in History: Ovechkin Suspension

Ovechkin_key_to_city_ceremonyIt’s kinda weird looking at old journals, documents, and blogs of mine and seeing what I wrote some odd years ago. I think I might start having posts here and there that feature those old moments….I know, a bit o’ nostalgia.

Today’s flashback is about Alexander Ovechkin of the NHL team the Washington Capitals, one of the most popular hockey players. He’s insanely good. And a pretty funny guy whose English is improving, apparently.

If you’re a hockey fan, you probably know of him. If not, you’re missing out. Check out the video below to get an idea of why he’s such a big deal.

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Top Five Sports in the World: Popularity Wise

soccerAs much as most Americans would like to think that Football (American football, that is) or baseball make a huge dent in what the world considers to be a popular sport, upon doing some research, they will find that they are very much mistaken. Although baseball does rank in the top five, American football isn’t even on the list at all. So then, what are the top five sports in the entire world? Brace yourself. You may be a little surprised.

1. Football (aka, Soccer)
Not to be confused with football in the United States, soccer is the number one sport worldwide. Although it lacks popularity in the U.S. today, it thrives greatly in other nations.

2. Cricket
I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously?” Yes, I’m serious. In the past few years, it has gained more popularity than it has ever held before; therefore, making it highly competitive with soccer for popularity.

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Hockey Fans Give A Big “Boo Hoo” to Football

BettmanThat’s right. A big “boo hoo” is what a lot of hockey fans gave to football when they heard about the NFL referee lockout. In case you don’t know, the NHL, or National Hockey League, is in a lockout right now and it’s unsure whether there will be a hockey season. Not surprisingly, a lot of fans are upset and are keeping their fingers crossed that things will work out.

The NFL referee lockout has spurred a lot of controversy. Replacement referees were called in and the games went on. However, this elicited a lot of media attention and complaints. The football fans still get their games while the hockey fans only hope they will. Some hockey fans think football fans need to stop complaining.

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Hockey and Amazon Gift Cards Collide!

What’s been happening in the big bad sports world? Quite a lot indeed! In the United States, Baseball season is heating up, and the Baltimore Orioles are looking red hot! Football season, both college and pro is finally underway, and lots of exciting matchups will be happening in the next few weeks. Alabama and Michigan played, which was highly anticipated, except Alabama proved why they are top dog. Certainly more people will be swarming for Alabama merchandise this season. Anyway, let’s see how we can tie sports into business. It seems that most companies seem to be addicted to a certain type of sport. At the end of their sales period anyway. The sport I’m referring to is hockey and this is because so many companies seem to survive with a sales curve like a hockey stick. Low sales at the beginning of the period with little momentum through the period and then rising rapidly at the very end of the period. It certainly is not a healthy business model, and performing well only under duress will only get businesses into trouble.

So, what’s going on with the hockey stick? The first thing to note is that a typical sales period starts with a 2 to 3 week mental break. The sales staff is worn out from trying to close as much business as they could in the previous period that they their minds are craving a quick break just to recover.

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