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Training for the Savageman: My Personal Story

Training for a triathlon is tough. Everyone realizes it at some level, but it isn’t until you’re juggling three different training schedules and battling winter weather to get in a bike ride that you realize just how tough. It’s especially hard for someone like me, who hasn’t competed in much beyond a couple bike races and a 10K here and there. Oh, and I guess I swam in high school, if we’re counting that.

So you might ask why a guy like me ended up registering for the Savageman Triathlon this September. The reason is simple. We lost my mom to melanoma last year, and it has been really rough on my family. When I heard about a triathlon benefiting melanoma research in Deep Creek, I couldn’t say no. I’m not alone in losing a loved one to cancer, so I won’t dwell on that. Instead I’ll share how I turned that passion into a drive to train.

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