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Top 4 Places to Watch the 2014 World Cup


The 2014 World Cup begins on June 12th.

Every four years the World Cup Final takes place with 32 nations competing in planet earth’s largest sporting event. Even if your not a soccer, “football”, or futbol fan, the World Cup is an entertaining spectacle of passionate participants and heart throbbing moments. Like the Olympics, the World Cup is hosted in a different country every four years across the globe in an elaborate bidding process organized by FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. In 2014 the World Cup will be hosted in Brazil, which is good news for Americans since it will be the first World Cup hosted in the western hemisphere since 1994. This means no waking up at 4am or taking extended lunch breaks to watch the games. Many of the games will be played closer to prime time or in the late afternoon. So get your jerseys, scarfs, and remotes ready, here is your top 4 places to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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Super Bowl Grub Statistics

Super Bowl FoodLast week, Kraft Foods put the United States in a frenzy when they announced that shoppers might have trouble finding Velveeta at the grocery store. The Velveeta shortage, which has been nicknamed the “Cheesepocalypse,” has Super Bowl party hosts wondering what dip they should serve their guests for the big game if they can’t find the liquid gold cheese. As the second largest day of food consumption in the United States, people are chowing down on a lot more than just cheese dips on Super Bowl Sunday though! Find out what else Americans are filling up on during the game:

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How Sports Injuries Differ Across Genders

Sports-Injury-PhotoOne is bound to recoil at the sights of thumped heads and boots to the trunk during soccer matches. Even in kiddie soccer games concussion, ankle sprain and knee injury is widespread although it is yet not that risky as kiddie rugby & football matches.

Moreover, the duo genders appear to be suffering from diverse forms of injury. Girl populaces have a tendency of suffering heat-related sickness and concussion. A novel research which has baffled investigators is that girls have a greater likelihood of suffering muscle tissue tears in the supporting limb while the boy populaces have greater likelihood of injuring their dominant or leading limb.

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Horse Racing: Defining Endurance Riding

Often times, when we horse competitions, our minds can automatically go to words like “dressage” or “equestrian.” Though both of these competitions involve varying levels of strength and skill for both horse and rider, there is one competition that truly tests the tenacity of a horse: endurance riding. Unlike some types of horse competitions, endurance racing is an event that occurs worldwide. Horses who participate in these races should be checked for any health issues, which can sometimes be corrected through horse supplements.

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Hockey and Amazon Gift Cards Collide!

What’s been happening in the big bad sports world? Quite a lot indeed! In the United States, Baseball season is heating up, and the Baltimore Orioles are looking red hot! Football season, both college and pro is finally underway, and lots of exciting matchups will be happening in the next few weeks. Alabama and Michigan played, which was highly anticipated, except Alabama proved why they are top dog. Certainly more people will be swarming for Alabama merchandise this season. Anyway, let’s see how we can tie sports into business. It seems that most companies seem to be addicted to a certain type of sport. At the end of their sales period anyway. The sport I’m referring to is hockey and this is because so many companies seem to survive with a sales curve like a hockey stick. Low sales at the beginning of the period with little momentum through the period and then rising rapidly at the very end of the period. It certainly is not a healthy business model, and performing well only under duress will only get businesses into trouble.

So, what’s going on with the hockey stick? The first thing to note is that a typical sales period starts with a 2 to 3 week mental break. The sales staff is worn out from trying to close as much business as they could in the previous period that they their minds are craving a quick break just to recover.

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