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Athletic Things to Do in Cape Cod This Summer

If you’re an athlete looking for excitement and relaxation on a vacation, look no further than Cape Cod, Massuchsetts. The cape is full of exciting adventures and new things to try, and the best thing about being on the coast are the long beaches and water sports. The cape also offers a collection of hiking and walking trails for the active soul looking for a peaceful getaway, yet an activity that still gets the heart pumping. Continue reading “Athletic Things to Do in Cape Cod This Summer” »

Attractions in The 2015 Super Bowl Destination Glendale, Arizona

Whether you are an avid Patriots or Seahawks fan, the Super Bowl is always an exciting time filled with fun, family, football, and food. This year’s Super Bowl is being played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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Tips to Stay Active on Vacation

With all of the delicious local fare, vending machines, and unhealthy habits that typically come with vacation, getting away can truly be an athlete’s dilemma. Just with anything else though, a healthy lifestyle requires little more than discipline.

Take an Active Tour

Hop on hop off buses are all well and good, but you can get some exercise while seeing the sights at your own pace on a walking or biking tour. Just making simple choices to incorporate activity into the sights you already planned to see will help to keep you in shape. Walk the course instead of grabbing a golf cart, take a morning run on the beach, and feel the results without losing the vacation spirit.

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