Tips to Reduce High Altitude Sickness on a Ski Trip

Skiing involves some of the highest elevations you’ll ever experience. For example, out west, elevations for skiiers can range from 6,000 to 12,000 feet. Altitude sickness is a temporary illness caused by the elevation and lack of oxygen. Some people not experience it at all, and others will. There are some pretty simple, everyday steps you can take to avoid altitude sickness and reduce its effects. Even taking a painkiller, like Ibuprofen, can help reduce altitude sickness. If you’re one of the select few that might find it troubling to breathe at the ski resort, here are some tips to reduce the effects.

Take it Easy on the First Day

Your very first day at the resort should not be hitting the slopes right away. Take some time for your body to adjust to the altitude. Drink some tea, relax from the trip, and take a well-deserved nap. Any physical exertion right away will put a toll on your body.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

A great tip is to always drink water. Tea is also a great benefit to any symptoms you might experience. Drink an herbal tea can help reduce the effects of high altitude sickness. Avoid any alcohol consumption during your trip. Dehydrating the body will also put a toll on it. The best rule of thumb: drink only water and some tea.

Rest and Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep can help with your oxygen in-take. If you’re having trouble breathing, lay down for a quick nap to rejuvinate your body. Physical activity combined with lack of sleep can result in headaches and fatigue–two things that aren’t fun on a skip trip.

Stretch in the Morning

One thing that is often overlooked is the effect high altitude has on muscle performance. When you’re out on the slopes, it’s important to avoid any injuries, and high altitude can play a role in this. It’s beneficial to always stretch before leaving every morning for the slopes. This ensures your muscles are ready and prepared for a long day of skiing.

About the Author: Sophie is a guest contributor from Book Breck, offering comfortable lodging and vacation homes in the beautiful area of Breckenridge, Colorado, a winter ski destination.

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