Tips to Stay Active on Vacation

With all of the delicious local fare, vending machines, and unhealthy habits that typically come with vacation, getting away can truly be an athlete’s dilemma. Just with anything else though, a healthy lifestyle requires little more than discipline.

Take an Active Tour

Hop on hop off buses are all well and good, but you can get some exercise while seeing the sights at your own pace on a walking or biking tour. Just making simple choices to incorporate activity into the sights you already planned to see will help to keep you in shape. Walk the course instead of grabbing a golf cart, take a morning run on the beach, and feel the results without losing the vacation spirit.

Choose an Adventure Vacation

Some vacations are inherently more active than others. Planning to surf, ski, kayak, or climb automatically means that you’re going to be staying active on your getaway. Adventure Vacations are becoming more and more popular, and can take you for a thrilling trip outside your comfort zone.

Stay at the Right Place

Your hotel choice has a big impact on how fit you stay. Choose a hotel with a in-house gym, and one which offers healthy options for breakfast. Or, find a charming hotel that may be just a bit off the beaten path, so you have to walk or bike to see the sights.

Indulge in Moderation

You don’t have to maintain the same rigorous exercise schedule you might normally while you’re on vacation, and that goes for your diet, too. Feel free to indulge in the local fare, have a cocktail by the pool, or whatever makes you happy. Just remember to make healthy choices as much as possible, and hydrate often to stay energized for your getaway.

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