The Top Cape Cod Fishing Locations

Cape Cod is a beautiful area in Massachusetts. It’s often quiet with a gentle breeze. If you like fishing, you will find that there are several places to go to catch everything from bass to lobster.

Nickerson State Park
There are eight fresh water ponds at this park. Trout is stocked in the pond. You can only catch and release the fish instead of keeping them. After fishing, you can set up a campsite in the midst of the large trees in the wooded areas of the park.

Cape Cod Canal
This is a popular spot in Cape Cod. It is also noted for having possibly the largest number of fish in the water. You can sit on the sand of the canal, prop your rod against the rocks and enjoy a day of fishing for bass, trout and other varieties. This is an area that can get full of people quickly, and the rocks sometimes seem to close in on you, but it’s an ideal place if you like to feel the breezes from the water.

Buzzard’s Bay
Those who want a little more quiet time will enjoy this spot. The spring is the best time to venture to the bay to fish. One of the best ways to fish on Buzzard’s Bay is by boat. It’s easy to spend hours on a boat in the water with the shore in view. Striped bass is one of the most common fish caught in the waters along the bay. Many of the fish that are in the bay swim through to the Cape Cod Canal.

Vineyard Sound Fishing and Southside Cape Cod
One of the things that you might find in the waters south of Cape Cod is squid. When there is an abundance of squid, you are likely to see more bluefish and bass. This is an area where you want to go early in the season as the fish migrate to the canals and other areas. April is a good time to fish in the Vineyard Sound. When the wind is blowing from the southwest, you want to take advantage of the rolling waters as they will bring a large number of fish.

About the Author: Jim is a guest contributor from The Whalewalk Inn & Spa, a beautiful Cape Cod lodging option.

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