Top Destinations for Snowmobilers This Winter

Asnowmobilbanners the winter months begin to roll in and summer-lovers begin dreading the upcoming months, snowmobilers are preparing for a season filled with explorations and new trails. Many avid snowmobilers know of the local trails and old favorites, but new adventures are always around the corner, or in this case, all across the country. We have looked at some of the top snowmobiling destinations for the season for those weekends when you want to pack up your snowmobile and explore somewhere new.

1. The Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Many snowmobilers make the trek across the bridge to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to experience the plethora of trails. The long winter, from December until late spring, gives plenty of opportunities for weekend getaways. The state of Michigan as a whole has over 3,000 miles of snowmobile trails, so even if you aren’t up for the drive all the way to the U.P., there are plenty of other options within the state.

2. Tug Hill, New York

Lake effect snow doesn’t always have to mean extra shoveling and difficulty driving. For snowmobilers, this gives ample opportunity to explore New York’s Tug Hill Plateau. The ATV trails turn into a snowmobiler’s haven in the winter months. Many lodge-style inns makes these trails very accessible for people out of town.

3.West Yellowstone, Montana

Located right outside Yellowstone National Park itself, this tourist town offers some of the best snowmobiling in the west. The sights of Yellowstone are breathtaking and you have much more freedom than you would riding inside the park itself. Most snowmobilers make their way out west to experience this great area between October and December, much earlier than other Midwest or eastern locations. Local eateries and great lodging experiences make your trip unforgettable even when not on your snowmobile.

With all of these great locations scattered across the country, packing up your snowmobile can be a hassle. Look into building a snowmobile ramp, with instructions found here, to facilitate easier moving so you don’t miss out on these great snowmobiling locations. Lastly, don’t forget to get a snowmobile insurance so you won’t have to worry about anything to dent your winter fun!

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