Top 4 Places to Watch the 2014 World Cup


The 2014 World Cup begins on June 12th.

Every four years the World Cup Final takes place with 32 nations competing in planet earth’s largest sporting event. Even if your not a soccer, “football”, or futbol fan, the World Cup is an entertaining spectacle of passionate participants and heart throbbing moments. Like the Olympics, the World Cup is hosted in a different country every four years across the globe in an elaborate bidding process organized by FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. In 2014 the World Cup will be hosted in Brazil, which is good news for Americans since it will be the first World Cup hosted in the western hemisphere since 1994. This means no waking up at 4am or taking extended lunch breaks to watch the games. Many of the games will be played closer to prime time or in the late afternoon. So get your jerseys, scarfs, and remotes ready, here is your top 4 places to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

4. At Work

For west coast viewers and afternoon match ups, many of the group stage matches will be played during the work day. Just reuse the same tactics you used to watch NCAA March Madness and you’ll be set to experience all the joys of the World Cup in the confides of your cubicle. Watch ESPN will have all the matches live and with the option of portraying split screen for multiple games. For those brave enough, you can try to convince your boss to have the TV on in the break room.

3. In the Basement

Transform your basement “man cave” into your World Cup headquarters. Have friends bring an international dish from one of the nations playing or set up a Foosball tournament with each person representing a team in the World Cup. Just be careful when everyone is crowded around the TV for the match. Goal celebrations can get very dangerous.

2. Porch/Garage

Buy a wireless TV or get the extension cords and bring the World Cup entertainment outdoors. Watching the matches in the garage or on the porch gives you an opportunity to grill out, play soccer in the yard, and enjoy the summer evenings. The World Cup is about enjoying the game and enjoying people. So invite the neighborhood friends and play a pick up game while your waiting for the burgers to grill and match to start, it’s the perfect American soccer mash up.

1. Soccer Bar

If you really want to experience a World Cup match you have to watch it at a World Cup bar. There’s nothing like packing into a bar, drinking beer, eating food, and celebrating with other fans.  Stay away from chain places like Buffalo Wild Wings, under the radar local places will probably have the true die hard soccer fans. Check out the American Outlaws and their various chapters for watch parties at local bars near you. The American Outlaws are the primer United States soccer  fans and watching the U.S. play with the Outlaws means your in for a match full of chants, songs, screams, and celebrations. There is no other place better to watch the World Cup than with 100 of your closest friends wearing the red, white, and blue.

ESPN will have World Cup coverage stateside for this edition of the tournament. Games will be shown on ESPN, ESPN2, Watch ESPN, and ABC.

About Guest Blogger Luke Ferris: His day job is a representative of the Orchard Inn Bed and Breakfast. His night job is watching and talking soccer.

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