Water Activities to Try on Vacation

snuba-benefitsWhen you head to the beach this summer, make sure you get up and try something new. There are so many fun water activities to try, and ones that you either have never done or have never heard of before. Water sports and other aquatic activities are exhilarating. While laying on the sand and getting soaking up the rays can be relaxing, get out on the water and try one of these thrilling water sports.


Also referred to as parascending or parakiting, this water sport is easily one of the most thrilling. While it doesn’t necessary involve any contact with the water (unless your captain on the boat pulling you decides to dip you in the water), parasailing is actually more an aerial sport where you can take in the beautiful views on the coast from incredible heights above the sea.

Individuals can be towed by a boat either by themselves or with another person riding alongside. A parachute, or parasail wing, keeps you in the air and you’re towed by a thick cable attached to the boat.

Barefoot Waterskiing

Waterskiing doesn’t actually have to involve waterskis at all. You can do the same thing with nothing on your feet–known as barefoot waterskiing! It’s the same concept, only without the skis. Staying on your waterskis is hard enough, so why not ditch the skis altogether? Skiers start out on their stomaches and the boat pulls them until they are flipped up on their rear end and then transfer their weight to their feet.


Windsurfing is a water sport that many people know of but rarely give a shot. Windsurfing combines sailing and surfing in one water sport. The sport isn’t so easy, which is why most people might be hesitant to give a try at first. This water sport definitely takes the most practice, but that’s all part of the fun, right?


If you want to go scuba diving but don’t have the time to get certified, try Snuba. The term is combination of snorkeling and scuba. Swimmers can dive down 20 feet below the surface while connected to a hose that pumps oxygen to the face mask. The experience is pretty similar to scuba diving (withoutc carrying a heavy tank of oxygen), which is why it’s such a popular tourism activity given the fact that people must be certified to scuba dive. Participants must still undergo a quick 20-minute training session before hopping into the water.

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