Ziplining: The New Adventure for Thrill Seekers

For so long, it seemed that bungee jumping was the ultimate daredevil activity to try out on an outdoor vacation. Now, more and more locations are offering zip-lining for thrill-seeking visitors. Beyond just the exhilaration of the activity itself, zip-line courses also often allow visitors access to a view of nature that is hard to get in other ways.

If you’re not familiar with this relatively new activity, a zip-line consists of a pulley on a wire that is set up on an incline. Users can then use gravity to their advantage as they travel from the top to the bottom of the zip-line course by holding onto the pulley. Zip-line courses range from short lines that are featured in children’s playgrounds to longer lines set up as part of ropes courses at outdoor resorts to even longer and higher rides that allow zip-liners to access forest canopies and other remote areas.

Interested in trying it for yourself? There are many unique locations around the world that offer this exhilarating experience.

Ozark Mountains

A terrific beginner’s course, the Ozark Mountains offer zip-lining opportunities through the breathtaking mountain range, offering glimpses of beautiful landscapes and the many species that call the region home.

Maui, Hawaii

One of the longest zip-line tours in the U.S., Kapalua Adventures in Lahaina is a great run for thrill-seekers. Offering stunning panoramic views of the ocean, zip-line tours in Hawaii truly enhance the natural beauty of the area.


Exploring the forests of Nicaragua is easy on a zip-line, and riders also get unbelievable views of the Mombacho Volcano. The long course offers plenty of opportunities to stop, enjoy the view, and even bird watch!

San Diego Zoo, California

Taking home the prize for longest zip-line in the U.S., the San Diego Zoo’s Flightline offers visitors a unique way to experience the wildlife at the zoo. The aerial view of animal exhibits is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Simatai, China

For this zip-line tour, the adventure begins when you hike to the top of the Great Wall of China in order to get to its starting point. From there, the experience only gets better as zip-liners are able to get an amazing view of one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the stunning views of surrounding landscapes.

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